Mr. Garcia, who explained the local television station, mentioned about Japan who won the six points

In the Indian U-17 World Cup (World Cup) began, U-17 Japan Prince Won won 6-1 in the Group League match against Honduras, which took place on the 8th of the day. Former Spain national team FW «I am impressed by 4 or 5 players» has been acclaimed for «Moriyama Japan» that got a good start in the victory and he is acclaimed as a player name.

In the first half 22 minutes, FW Nakamura Keiuno (Mitsubishi Kanazawa SC Youth) who ran the ball to the right CK obtained by breakthrough FW Kubo Hidehide (FC Tokyo U – 18) took the lead in the first half 22 minutes. Nakamura achieved a hat-trick only in the first half when he took additional points in the 30 minutes also by Kubo and Nakamura’s combination. In the first half additional time, Kubo defeated near over with his left foot, and got the first goal of the tournament.

In Japan who wrapped up the first half 4-1, the second half also set offensive. FW Miyaidei Daisui (Kawasaki U – 18) decided calmly the exact cross of MF Fukuoka Shinpei (Kyoto U – 18) who left the penalty area left in the 6th minute, and the fifth point of the team. In the late 45th minute MF Suzuki Fuyuichi (C Osaka U-18) decided to blow off the goal lash and decorated the victory with 6-1.

Venue Sports TV station «SPN Sports India» in India features the U – 17 World Cup. Paul Position showed 64% vs. 36%, the number of shoots was 17 vs. 13 (of which 9 vs. 3 in the frame), both of which were above Japan, and former Spain representative who explained in the program Mr. Lewis Garcia of FW mentioned Japan.

«Kubo is everywhere on the pitch»

«(Japan was) fantastic performance, to be honest, Japan is a very good team, I was impressed by four or five players.»

He has not only played in prestigious names like Barcelona, ​​Liverpool, Atlético and Madrid but also has experienced leagues in the world with Greece, Mexico, India, Australia. Who is the player who remained in the eye of such former Spain national team FW?

«Nakamura is one of them, very calm in the penalty area, kicking with both the left and right feet, the heading is also strong, the second point was decided from fantastic runs.The Kubo talking before the game is everything on the pitch And the captain Fukuoka was balancing the team. «

Mr. Garcia praised Nakamura who achieved the hat trick which is the second Asian figure in the history of the event, Kubo called «Japanese Messi» from the local media and captain Fukuoka for name. Regarding Japan that got a good start, I summarized that «I think it is one of the teams that will win the tournament.»

It is not just Kubo ‘s team. Experts knowing the world also acknowledged the abundance of Japanese talents.

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