1.❓Nearly time for #AskLuisGarcia❓ #UCLTrophyTour


2. @ChampionsLeague @LuchoGarcia14 @LFC #AskLuisGarcia Do you like watching women’s football?

Luis Garcia: «Yes I do. In Spain we’ve got some great women’s players, the league is on the rise and our national team is improving fast.»


3.@ChampionsLeague @LuchoGarcia14 @LFC #AskLuisGarcia Who was your football hero growing up?

Luis Garcia: «I remember @RomarioOnze when he was at Barcelona and he was so clever, had great movement and was so quick off the mark.»
4.@ChampionsLeague @LuchoGarcia14 @LFC #AskLuisGarcia Who was your football hero growing up?

L.Garcia: «As well as M. Laudrup & Zidane, Romario was a big idol of mine. I love technical players & Brazilians are fantastic on the ball»


5.@ChampionsLeague @LuchoGarcia14 #UCLTrophyTour #AskLuisGarcia what are your thoughts on Klopp?

Luis Garcia: «He’s doing a great job. You can see his mark on the team, and I think the way they’ve started this season has been impressive»


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6.@ChampionsLeague @LuchoGarcia14 @LFC what moment do you remember most from the UCL final in 2005?

L. Garcia: «I think it was when we scored our first goal. Seeing Gerrard celebrating, urging us on, it was the moment we started believing»

7.What was your favourite position to play in when you played for Liverpool? #AskLuisGarcia

Luis Garcia: «I was always fighting with Rafa Benitez about this! I loved to play as a 2nd striker but he’d mainly play me out on the wing»

8.Who was the best player you’ve played with or against in the #UCL? #AskLuisGarcia

Luis Garcia: «Against… it has to be Del Piero. I was always a big fan and when we played Juve in #UCL 1/4 finals he was very impressive.»

9.Who was the best player you’ve played with or against in the #UCL? #AskLuisGarcia

Luis Garcia: «With… it has to be Gerrard, because as a player he had it all. He was a leader, scored goals, gave assists – everything!»

10. #AskLuisGarcia Whats toughest opponent u have played against

Luis Garcia: «I think Chelsea were the toughest. They were our nemesis, we played them so many times and they were always very hard games!»


11.@ChampionsLeague @LuchoGarcia14 @LFC who was your best friend at #LFC ? #AskLuisGarcia

Luis Garcia:»At Liverpool we’d all spend time together, but I was closest to Xabi Alonso, as we were both Spanish and had a lot in common.»


12.@ChampionsLeague @LuchoGarcia14 @LFC who is the best footballer ever? #AskLuisGarcia

Luis Garcia: «I always loved watching Michael Laudrup. He was fantastic – someone who could put a pass through the smallest of spaces»


13. Thanks for all your #AskLuisGarcia contributions, he certainly enjoyed them! #UCLTrophyTour


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