«And that was it, my last game in the A League. My feeling was that I had arrived two days before, time flew the last 3 months and the day of the last game was right there.»


untitled (58 of 157)Was a Tuesday Morning the day that Andrew Nealon called me on a more than surprising phone call, to ask me join the Central Coast Mariners. Central What? To be honest, never heard about the team before because we don’t get to much information about the Australian League, but only took me 2 days to sign the contract and 4 to fly over to Sydney.

Arriving to central coast was breathtaking, great weather, beautiful beaches and restaurants, but the best of all, was the people. Everybody wants to help you and make you feel comfortable.


First week wasn’t easy at all, jet lag, get into the training mood again after a year,it was hot and players were fit after more of half of the season, but everything was worth it, I was competing again, playing games again and just few days after my debut, scoring again for a professional team, can’t describe that feeling, it’s just amazing.


untitled (105 of 157)A young team, not too much experience in a very competitive league, we couldn’t catch a break and the result didn’t help for our confidence but you could see the improvement of those player with so much talent but just a bunch of minutes on the top competition.

I did Clinics, meet&greets , dinners, visits to schools and all the community stuff you can think of, but every time I was in those places, I had unforgettable moments, everybody was smiling and so happy to see the players and that’s something you can’t compare with anything, the club is a Community club and that makes the big different with the rest.





Be a mentor was kind of part of the deal, try to help the young player improve and deliver all their potential but after a few talks and many mistakes on the pitch, I realize that the most important was to send a positive message and let them have those mistakes because that’s how you get better, that’s how you improve, and I can say right now that some of these player will be very important on the A League in the years to come.

I can’t thank enough all the club and Staff to help me in this adventure and understand the situation of arriving to a new club far far away of my family and be always there for anything needed, and to all the supporters to be there in every win, lose or draw, with a smile on their faces and a “come back next year” at every step a made in the country.


Thanks to all my team-mates for the respect the showed to me and the patience to hear all my stories and tips. I wish to all of you all the very best for next season.


Gracias Australia for having me, and see you soon.


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  1. From the moment your joining our club was announced in Adelaide, you created such a buzz of excitement on the Coast and around Australia. I know lots of people through schools that met you and only had praise for you as a person and for the commitment you showed to the club. Gracias! You created lots of lasting memories ⚽️

  2. Thank you so much Luis for coming to the Coast!! It was amazing to see you play and to see what a great person you are off the pitch too, my son and I were lucky enough to see you and get a photo and it’s something we’ll treasure forever

  3. Gracias to you too Luis, you were a breath of fresh air into our struggling club. Your involvement in the development of our boys and in the community was priceless. I would love to see you back next season, please? You are a great man and it was a pleasure to get to know you from afar.

  4. Was a pleasure to watch you play and help to hold the team together during an extremely difficult period.
    It will be rewarding for everyone to see the impact of this season, when our young squad takes on the next season fresh and stronger.

    My 6yo son met you, mitch and harry at the pre socceroos V jordan clinic. He was SO excited to see Mitch Austin, and it was really cool to see how this next-next-next generation already has its next heroes picked out.

    Thanks for your time and professionalism,and thanks for being a CCM 10 for a while 🙂

  5. Luis it was an absolute pleasure watching you play for our little club. To see you play in front of my very eyes at my hometown club, being a liverpool supporter as well, was a dream come true. Fingers crossed we can make an impact next season

  6. Thanks for everything you bought to our club. I am glad you were able to enjoy the Central Coast. Although only with us for a little while you are part of our club family for life now. Your impact will be felt for the years to come. We will miss you, good luck on your next adventure and we hope to see you at a Mariners game soon!

  7. Gracias Lucho! I was lucky enough to watch you play at anfield 11 years ago. You left a very emotional letter after you left liverpool, and the supporters didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to a Liverpool legend. We were lucky of watch you play for the liverpool master and scoring a header in Singapore in November 2015, and then again in Sydney in January 2016 when you scored two goals for the Liverpool legends. When it was announced during the Adelaide game with Central coast mariners football club that you had signed for the club, Imwas over the moon! I had the chance to see my fav Liverpool player play in our A league for three months, and I am able to introduce my son to his dad’s fav player. My son was lucky to be your mascot for the game against Melbourne victory, and he started to like you as a player! Thanks again for all the memories and for coming to play in our A league. We could see the improvements in the kyung mariners players, Ascroft, Austin, And most of all Liam Rose. We hope to see you back here in future. All the best!

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