Noel Laughton
Luis. You are all class, an absolute gentleman, and a sporting legend who gives so much back to the fans. Our little Club, and all who support it, have been blessed to have you spend this time with us. Being a dedicated family man myself I fully understand the sacrifices you and your family have made to share your skills and knowledge with us, and I am thrilled to hear how much you have enjoyed being here. I'm hoping you will always remember with fondness your time as a C.C.Mariner (& perhaps come back to visit) as we will never forget the time one of the games Greats came to play, and to be one of us. May you really enjoy whatever comes next, and again, thank you.. A Mariner, and an 'honorary Aussie for life. (Hoping next season will see all that experience and knowledge you past on to 'the kids' really help us out).

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